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Setting up a studio is not always easy considering the small size of the place, however having a cozy home is quite possible. So that you feel good, here are 10 mistakes not to commit in the development of a studio.

Design a studio: the 10 mistakes to avoid

Design a studio: the 10 mistakes to avoid

1) Put partitions

A studio must have the least possible separation to have a more fluid circulation and an interior sublimated by natural light. Apart from the load-bearing walls, remove all partitions in place from a purchased studio except those of the toilets. To demarcate the bathroom, use glass walls.

  • Tenant, you must first work to request permission from the lessor.

2) Do not have enough lighting

Do not settle for the luminous point usually installed on the ceiling of a studio. Install artificial lights to avoid dark corners. Dimmers with dimmers, spotlights, LED ribbons or table lamps are welcome to highlight your interior.

3) Install massive furniture

Absolutely banish massive furniture as well as imposing dark furniture as they visually reduce the space. The light colors are appropriate for your furniture that will reverberate the natural light.

4) Have dark colors

The dark colors decrease volumes, so it is strongly discouraged to have walls or furniture totally black. The second disadvantage of dark colors is that in the long run you may feel choking inside your home.

5) A piece of furniture = a function

The small area of ​​your studio requires you to optimize all spaces, it is the same for furniture. In a small house, a piece of furniture is not just for one function. For example, an office will become a table, a pouf can both serve as a seat, coffee table or small storage cabinet.

6) Have an inviting decor

Living in a studio requires a decoration done sparingly because overcrowded walls give a feeling of narrowness. Avoid covering your walls with photos and storing unnecessary items that will clutter your space on a daily basis. By cons, install mirrors that give the impression of expanding your studio.

7) Limit storage

The bathroom of your studio is too small to put a piece of furniture? Think of wall hooks or towel rails to install on the door. It's not because you live in a studio that the storage space must be minimalist: use the parts above your furniture to accommodate storage boxes.

8) Take all your stuff

Of course you have a home just for you but only bring to your studio the necessary. Leave your complete library or unused clothing items with relatives. Having the clothes for the four seasons necessarily generates a large cabinet and therefore less space in the studio.

9) Forget about unused spaces

In dwellings like studios, it is essential to use all the free space present. Under the bed, above the cupboards, the possibly sloping areas are so many places that can be used as storage without impacting your living space.

10) Equip only standard furniture

If your studio has straight walls, you can use standard furniture but if the walls are broken or the room is poorly arranged, it would be better to turn to custom furniture. By opting for this custom furniture solution, the space of your studio will be optimized.

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