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    Ant invasion

    Ant Invasion I am trying to fix an old bathroom by redoing the wall insulation. Having removed the sink leaving the old pipes of arrival and evacuation of the water which leave in the ground, I discover that the invasion of ants which one every year at the same time actually arrived there !

      Broken Ridge Tiles

      Broken Ridge Tiles Tiles sealed in the floor are cracked or broken and have been repaired with silicone. 3 companies contacted = 3 reviews 1 "We redo the fact" Dear! But if it is necessary !!! 2 "Nothing to do the silicone holds". 3 "We change the broken tiles". Is not risky since they are caught in the cement of the fact, there should be some breakage.

        CASTOR Drill

        Drill CASTOR In the archives of my workshop, I found an old drill "Beaver", mounted in sensitive. I am building a "divider tower" and I had the idea to use this drill as a drilling tool. The problem is the chuck: a huge clearance in the drill bit ring makes it unusable.

          Insulate attic

          Insulating attics To keep cool in summer and keep you cold in winter, it is advisable to insulate the interior of your roof. For this operation, it is better to be two. Level of difficulty: Medium. Tools and materials needed: An insecticide product for wood. A fungicide for wood.

            Monomur house terracotta compatible RT 2012?

            Monomur house terracotta compatible RT 2012? I want to build a house in the standard RT2012 Monomur terracotta. What do you think? The regulation takes into account 3 criteria: - The thermal resistance, that is to say the capacity of a wall to avoid thermal losses - The inertia or the capacity of a material to store the heat and to take advantage of the contributions solar panels - Airtightness to avoid parasitic air leaks Many airtightness measures have been made in Monomur terracotta homes and the results are excellent, well below regulatory requirements (0,6m³ / h / m²).

              Water saving: the right things to do at home

              Water is undeniably valuable. Each of us to use it wisely, without wasting it. The resources of the planet are indeed not inexhaustible. Here are the good gestures and small devices to adopt without delay, to reduce water consumption and bills. Saving water: the right things to do at home Saving water: the right reflexes to adopt In the bathroom, where water reigns without question, simple daily actions are enough to save water.


                Coatings Composition: Coatings are composed of a binder, a solvent and fillers. The binders used for coatings are usually earth, lime or cement. These binders are dissolved in water. The fillers used can be various: sand, granulate, marble particles or pigments to give a specific shade.