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Some areas declared floodplains are still being built. How do we know if we can actually build without danger for people and buildings in a flood zone? Is there infrastructure to adapt to the specificity of this type of terrain?

The ranking of the different flood zones

To find out if a field is placed in a flood zone or not, just go to the town hall to consult a register ranking flood zones and the level at which this land is placed. Indeed, even if a piece of land is placed in such a zone, it will still be possible to build a house according to the more or less high risk of floods.
If a zone is red, it is that the risk is very high and building on it will be impossible. A medium risk area is considered a blue area. In this case, constructions can be built respecting a certain number of conditions. Finally, the risk is almost non-existent in white area. Two new zones have also been created: the black zone which forbids any construction because of a danger too high and the yellow zone which allows to build a house which must be framed by protection systems including the warning or evacuation plan for example.

Although construction is possible in such areas, there are still a number of conditions that must be respected for the protection and safety of people and buildings. The house must be able to resist a flood and the house does not prevent the flow of water. In addition, we must think of the design of the house which should facilitate the movement of people living there, including providing access to the floor to take refuge in case of flooding very important ground floor. It is advisable to have an elevated house to prevent water from entering the house too quickly. Thus, it is necessary to think entirely the layout of the house according to this risk of flooding.

Platform construction

To build a home, including in red zone, it is possible to use a platform system. This process involves floating one's home on a platform instead of building underground foundations. The house can withstand flooding because it is not fixed under the ground but is supported by floats.

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