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Legacy of the old wood and coal stoves, the oven and the hob have long formed a whole. With the equipped kitchens, the oven became autonomous. It takes place in a column, where it installs easily.

Embed an oven in a column

In an equipped kitchen, the built-in oven usually takes place in a box reserved for it.
The material that constitutes it must be able to withstand temperature rises without playing or being deformed. The columns are generally 2m high and 60cm wide and as deep; they include a compartment "oven" (56 cm of useful width) whose shelf height can be adjusted according to that of the oven (usually 60 cm from the upper shelf). The depth of the housing allows to provide a ventilation space of 5 cm. The oven base is often 85 cm above the floor (usually at the worktop and cooktop).

Built-in oven: essential dimensions and clearance

In addition, 85 cm of clearance must be provided in front of the oven to take into account the opening of the flap door. Some columns also have a second housing, above the first for the microwave oven. The modularity of the kitchen furniture makes it possible to place the oven column almost anywhere in the room.
Its location is to be studied according to the "triangle of activity" which aims to reduce travel in the kitchen by a judicious distribution of devices (and therefore "poles" of activity). The rule is to divide the hob and oven, sink and refrigerator in a triangle whose side length should be as close and short as possible.

Power supply via a dedicated circuit

If it is advisable to be two to carry the device in its housing, the installation does not present any particular difficulties. Care must be taken that the shelf supporting the oven is perfectly level to ensure even distribution of the sauce in the broiler pan and regular rotation of the broach. The power supply, meanwhile, requires special care.
The device must be powered by a dedicated circuit, protected by a dedicated circuit breaker, adapted to the power of the oven (in principle 32 A), which is associated with a 30 mA circuit breaker. A multicore cable of 3 x 2.5 mm2 (phase-neutral-earth) is generally used. The power supply can be through a plug and a plug, but it is best to connect to a power box.

The steps of installing a built-in oven

The steps of installing a built-in oven

Position the shelf that is to support the oven to the desired height. Check the level of the tablet with a spirit level in both directions (width and depth).

Embed an oven in a column: oven

In pairs, slide the oven between the two shelves (the top shelf should be at the top of the oven front frame). Provide a 5 cm ventilation space at the rear of the oven.

Embed an oven in a column: column

Open the oven door while holding it, then remove the rubber screw caps on the inner face to access the mounting holes (one on each side of the door).

Embed an oven in a column: column

Through the exposed holes, make a fine pre-drilling with a 3 mm drill bit to avoid splitting the material of the sides of the box with the fixing screws.

Embed an oven in a column: column

Secure the oven with the two screws provided: their heads fit into a notch on the side of the facade. Reposition the screw caps that also serve to dampen the closing of the oven door.

Embed an oven in a column: column

Make the connections using connectors or connection dies according to their color (blue for neutral, black here for phase and yellow and green for earth).

Embed an oven in a column: oven

Pass the power cable through the clamp (inside the cover) to prevent tearing. Adjust the length of the cable and tighten the screws to lock it.

Embed an oven in a column: embed

Finally reposition the cache on its base. Tighten the connecting screws between the front and the flush-mounting box correctly. Your device is installed.

• Do not place a refrigerator-freezer next to a column with an oven or plan an insulating sheet between them.
• The high quality of the hobs (especially induction) encourages today to associate with an oven, embedded in a low element. The installation rules are the same, ensuring proper ventilation of the unit.

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