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I have a room built above my garage by raising the roof. A slab will be poured to create this floor. I will take the opportunity to make a small bathroom with a shower "Italian". We make the choice to have a shower tray installed for the sake of aesthetics, waterproofness...). On the other hand, I do not know if all the extra flat shower trays are recessed. In some stores, they offer extra flat to install (many models) or built (few models). Nobody can explain to me if there is a real difference and in the end if it is possible to embed a receiver which is noted as "to ask".

Keep a shower tray for a Italian shower" simplifies the installation and is actually more reassuring in terms of tightness in the long term. Normally, any extra-flat shower tray can be recessed, provided that the underside of the volume required for the bunghole iswater flow. Only imperative, hold a ceramic shower tray, for reasons of rigidity and as a result of keeping the peripheral joints over time. The use of a tray to be tiled is also a good solution.

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