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Following the fire of my apartment (nine), my walls (crushed droplets) are black soot and smell the burned. Several companies have made me an estimate for the renovation. I am offered a technique: block the smell with a product and paint over it. But several people told me that the smell would persist. So I fight to obtain insurance a layer of this famous product and a layer of plaster smoothed + paint. What do you recommend to me? I am clueless, A BIG THANK YOU in advance for your help!

Unfortunately, I do not have a miracle solution to offer... For having spoken recently with an insurer, it turns out that this smell of burning is particularly stubborn and starts only very slowly, following a breakdown of permanent and prolonged places. There are many tips such as burning paper Armenia (to buy in pharmacies) or boil orange peel... There are also professional odor neutralisers based on essential oils (eg Neutrox Gamma ). It goes without saying that a new plaster coating followed by one or more layers of paint will give results but I doubt that your insurer accepts to bear the cost.

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