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The purchase of a new boiler is a significant investment, so we may be tempted to research the side of the market opportunity to take advantage of bargains. The question then is whether this is really the best solution. Here are some answers to answer the question: buy a used boiler: good or bad idea?

Buying a used boiler: good or bad idea?

Buying a used boiler: good or bad idea?

Why buy a used boiler?

The first answer that comes to mind is of course: save money. By studying the prices of boilers on the market, we quickly see that prices are quite high or even discouraging. We are then tempted to turn to used boilers for reduce the budget.

However, the question must be asked in the long run since this equipment is intended to be used for many years. Unless it is a model that has served very little and has been very well maintained, we must think twice before launching this type of purchase. In fact, the new boilers prove to be both more efficient and more economical.

One thing is certain, the initial investment is less with a second-hand boiler, but then we have to take into account the cost of setting up and especially the maintenance fees.

Used boiler or new boiler?

Buying a used boiler always seems appealing at first. But do not stick to the first impression. A used boiler is not usually accompanied by a guarantee or instructions for use. On the other hand, there is a risk that the installer will not accept to support the maintenance of the boiler to the extent that the device is not new with many failures and failures to the key. And precisely, with a used boiler, we can not know if the equipment will work well before it is installed. If a failure occurs despite installation in the standards, the bill may become very salty without the owner can turn to anyone to get a refund of the boiler.

A new boiler, despite a price that may seem higher, has several significant assets. First, it will always be more efficient and more productive than an old boiler and it requires less fuel compared to its elders. Installation by a professional heating engineer often includes an annual maintenance contract.

In summary, and to answer the question "Buy a used boiler: good or bad idea? We can say that the new boiler is still the most interesting alternative. If, despite everything, you buy a used model, you have to require the different documents from the former owner (invoice, maintenance contract, notice...).

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