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As the name suggests, a commercial land is dedicated to an economic activity. It is part of the UX zone which concerns commercial, craft and industrial activities. What are its characteristics?

Commercial land, definition

A commercial land is part, usually a set of specially developed and equipped land, at the initiative of a general public owner. Its layout must be in accordance with planning documents.

By definition, private dwellings are not allowed.

Here is the list of constructions and infrastructures allowed:

  • Offices and services constituting exclusively tertiary activities
  • Industrial activities,
  • Crafts activities
  • The warehouses,
  • Hotels and restaurants,
  • Facilities of general interest,
  • The technical works necessary for the operation of the public services or constructions listed above,
  • The functional annexes of the existing constructions or those listed above,
  • Facilities for work if the land occupation is to continue for more than 3 months (below, no authorization is required)
  • Parking areas open to the public.
  • Clearing equipment

Commercial land, its assets

Despite strict regulations, a commercial land has many assets. Its price is lower than that of a classic building land. It is by definition connected to a water and electricity network and served by access roads. You do not have any administrative procedures to do. The land is ready to be exploited.

If you live here, know that there are many exceptions and many cases where possible. Indeed the law provides that: "the dwelling intended for the guarding, the supervision or the direction of the existing establishments is authorized in the zone, provided that it is included in the operating building."

Generally, if you plan to live in your area of ​​professional activity, inquire at your town hall. Do not hesitate to consult the Land Use Plan and the land register. Be aware that many measures are taken in favor of companies, particularly in the context of sustainable development.

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