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The purchase of a parcel of land belonging to a neighbor is a common operation. It is very similar to a common act of sale. Whether you are a buyer or seller of the plot, there are specific steps to take.

Is the purchase of the neighbor's parcel feasible?

The first step is to talk to your neighbor: Tell him about your project. If your neighbor is inclined to sell a parcel of land, discuss now the proposed selling price, covering the costs such as the surveyor, the size and the exact location of the parcel.

To note: the costs related to the surveyor are the responsibility of the seller of the plot. However, you can offer to pay them to decide your neighbor to give you the plot.
For this, you have to check the PLU (local planning plan) or the POS (land use plan), available in the town hall of your municipality. These documents allow you to determine if your neighbor can sell you part of his land. Moreover, you will know if this plot is constructible or not (for a garage for example or an extension of your house). Finally, some municipalities subject the constructability of land to a minimum area: if you planned to build on the parcel of land purchased from your neighbor, make sure that it is possible given the surface of the plot.

Request an expert surveyor

The expert surveyor plays an important role in the buying and selling process of a neighboring parcel of land. It establishes a survey of the land surface to be detached, taking into account the possible constraints of the PLU or the POS. In this way, the boundaries of the plot as well as its surface are clearly established for the buyer and the seller.

The new property boundary is then realized, consisting of define the boundaries of the two properties: laying of landmarks on the ground and signing of the demarcation report by each neighbor. To noteIf the parcel you wish to purchase is surrounded by several private properties, a contradictory demarcation is established with all the neighbors.

The expert surveyor submits to the town hall a preliminary declaration of division for the creation of the parcel including a topographical plan. After agreement of the town hall, the neighbor selling a parcel must obligatorily display the declaration of division in the field for two months. Finally, the surveyor develops the survey plan to update the cadastre with the new parcels division. This document must accompany the bill of sale.

The sale of the neighboring parcel of land

Now that the location of the plot is determined, it is necessary to fix a price of purchase / sale. You can entrust this estimate to a notary, a real estate agency or a land expert. Be aware that each commune determines a value per square meter or a value for a parcel lot. In addition, market trends and negotiations already started between the buyer and the seller of the plot must be taken into account.
To complete the purchase, the seller must compile a sales file containing the title deed, the plan of the new demarcation, the plan of survey and the technical diagnoses.

The signing of the deed of sale is done at the notary who thus notes the transfer of ownership of the parcel.

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