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The communication cabinet is important in a house. Digital boxes become indispensable, so it is essential to favor a quality electrical installation so that it can evolve with your home.

What is a communication box?

The communication box, also called communication board, groups all the arrivals of weak currents. Unlike strong currents that carry electricity, weak currents carry energy.

The communication box looks like an internet box and consists of RJ45 plugs to receive telephone lines, television, internet and home automation. These elements are grouped under the acronym VDI (Voice, Data, Images). The communication box allows these sources to be distributed via specific wiring and RJ45 sockets. These sockets, placed next to electrical outlets, behind the television, in the kitchen, in the bedrooms or in an office, allow to connect a computer and a television to have access to the internet as well as a telephone. It's an alternative to wifi.

The communication box, meanwhile, installs next to the electrical panel or your internet box. Its cost varies according to the needs it covers. The first prizes are around 50 euros and can reach 300 euros. It will also take into account the arrival of a technician from your energy supplier (EDF or private company) who will charge between 50 and 70 euros for a connection.

What standard for the communication cabinet?

Since 2010, all new homes must be equipped with RJ45 sockets, coupled to a 220V socket, in all main rooms. A dwelling that only has two rooms must contain at least two RJ45 sockets. Indeed, the T-shaped telephone jacks are going to disappear.

A star wiring must be done by your electrician from the communication box.

Regarding the cabinet, it must be able to receive all RJ45 sockets. In addition it is necessary to provide a space of one centimeter for a future connection of the optical fiber which is gradually becoming the norm. The box must include a telephone splitter if your home is not located in an unbundled area.

It will also have to be equipped with a brewing strip and an obligatory strip of land.

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