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Calibrator for router


Reference: CT452708
Cutting height: 27 mm
Cutting diameter: 45 mm
Tail: Ø 8 x 30 mm
Platelet dimensions: 14 x 14 x 2 mm
Max speed rotation: 20,000 rpm
Machine power required: 800 W
This information was first published on System D magazine in 2010: products and prices may have changed since then.


First choose the position of the ring bearing: end, tail side, or removed. In the first two cases, the cutter is fully pressed into the chuck so as not to pinch the thread. In the last one, the reversible shaft is turned over and the locking screw of the tool on the tail replaced by a bolt. The number of washers provided is a little disconcerting, especially since the record is summarized in half a page format 21 x 29.7 cm.

The tool is soft and easy to use despite its impressive size. A medium power router is enough, but a drive is imperative to reduce speed. Good quality of cutting on edge and flat (tenonnage, blank of flower beds...), although the strawberry is not plunging.

The generous diameter of the milling cutter prohibits their use on narrow base routers. Only possible use then, the calibration with rolling on the tail side: in case of

From a current model (608Z), the bearing is easy to replace. This makes it possible to manufacture smaller rings to use the strawberry in foliage. The original ones, in MDF, can be re-cut.


  • Quality of cut.
  • No vibration.
  • Versatility: calibration, tenoning, surfacing (non-plunging), rebating (adding bearings).
  • Usable even with medium power machines.
  • Easy rotation or replacement of wafers.
  • Low cost of production in the long term.


  • Machine with indispensable variator, and large passage in the base.
  • Short notice (a point already improved according to the manufacturer).
  • Fragile painting.
  • Mediocre bearing, with a lot of play.

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