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Your decor seems old? So call on an interior designer! This professional decorator will help you remodel your rooms for a new interior that looks like you.

Appealing to an interior decorator

Appealing to an interior decorator

The interior designer: a professional graduate

Before committing an interior decorator, think about checking his degrees. If the diploma does not necessarily guarantee an artistic taste that suits you, it will offer the guarantee of appealing to a true professional.
Good to know: There is no mandatory training to become an interior designer. Most art schools offer qualifying courses with a matching diploma.
A job not to be confused with the interior designer
Be careful not to confuse the interior designer with the interior designer. Even if these trades look similar, they have differences: the interior designer can modify the structure of a building, for example to knock down non-load bearing walls.

The fields of action of interior decorator

You want a vintage decor? A country house atmosphere? The interior designer can do the necessary research to rearrange the desired rooms or the entire house as you wish.
You do not have a precise idea of ​​what you want but you can not stand the current aspect of your parts? The interior designer is still present to offer original decorating ideas. Using sketches or 3D representations of the future appearance of the room, it will help you choose the decor that will please you most and will suit your home.
To achieve a successful transformation of the rooms to redecorate, the interior designer will serve as an intermediary between several professionals. He evaluates the work to be done and has quotes drawn from the professionals involved: painters, upholsterers, carpenters, electricians, etc... It calls on specialists who will help to refit a room according to your tastes.

The different steps to use an interior decorator

Find an interior decorator
Interior designers can work alone or in an agency. To find one near you, you can do an internet search or call by word of mouth.

Contract with an interior designer
Some interior designers will charge you the hours spent on the project but most will offer a service for the entire project. This may include:

  • Pre-visit
  • Specifications
  • Ambient images of the future room
  • Purchase list and cost of changes
  • Search for craftsmen for the works
  • Purchase and delivery of the decoration
  • Staging your interior

Before you commit, do not forget to ask for a quote to avoid any unpleasant surprise at the price.

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