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Inspect a pipe or locate an object in an inaccessible area; such are the missions of this endoscopic minicamera.

Videoscope endoscope

Originality of the inspection videoscope

Thanks to an attractive price, this device democratizes the use of the videoscope inspection.
It features a waterproof minicamera (Ø 9 mm) mounted at the end of a 1 m hose that connects to a control box. The latter is equipped with a 2.7-inch LCD color screen to view images in real time.
Positioned around the lens of the lens, leds illuminate up to 1.5 m to inspect areas difficult to access.
It is possible to make videos (up to 30 frames / second) and photos, storable on a MicroSD memory card provided. With an accessory (hook or magnet) attached to the end of the hose, it can recover fallen objects where the hand does not pass.
The device is equipped with all the necessary connectivity to view or transfer videos and photos

Getting started with the inspection camera

An ergonomic handle holds the device with one hand while thumb control of the controls; the other hand is used to guide the hose equipped with the camera. Settings and menu navigation are intuitive. But before plunging the camera into the unknown, you must adjust the hose: if it is mis-oriented, the image may be displayed upside down on the monitor. Consequences: a false diagnosis or a cliché incomprehensible...

The videoscope of inspection to the use

The camera is very useful in plumbing and mechanics, for example, where it is often necessary to inspect inaccessible areas.
Flexible, the hose is easy to handle: it creeps and sneaks smoothly along the walls and into small cavities. LED lighting is effective.
The quality of the image is correct, but you have to make sure to circulate the camera slowly to avoid jolts that make the image blurry.
A focusing system would not be superfluous... Other disadvantages: the device consumes a lot of energy and the batteries are discharged very quickly.

Maker: Silverline
Reference: IP67
Photo format: JPEG
Video format: AVI
Video / photo resolution: 640x480
LCD screen resolution: 980x240
Weight: 420 g
Conditioning: briefcase
Public price: 120 €

A video inspection camera: video

A magnet, a hook or a scraper can be attached to the lens, for interventions unclogging or recovery objects.

A video inspection camera: video

The camera slips into hard to reach spaces. LED lighting offers a clear vision on the screen

• Light and easy to use
• Connectable to a computer
• Quality images
• 3 years warranty
• No focus
• Low autonomy
• Memory of the MicroSD card
limited (256 MB)

Our opinion
Intuitive, this device can quickly become indispensable to DIYers, enthusiasts of mechanics, often faced with the inspection of difficult to access places that require the dismantling of parts (low motors...).

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