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A company in my area gave me a quote for stripping the roof, application of a water repellent fixer and painting of the roof in 2 layers for 2950 € uros Tiles in concrete construction of 1982 (no verification to know if my tiles were porous) the quote dated January 21, 2014 and I paid a deposit. Do I have the right to cancel this quote?

You may want to repaint a roof concrete tiles for aesthetic reasons, these tiles, also very strong, tending to fade in the long term.
We may also want to repaint them for more technical reasons, if they become porous.
In your case, it seems that the problem is mostly aesthetic, it's up to you to see if this improvement in aesthetics is worth 3000 euros...
When the quote, once you have signed it with the words "Good for agreement" or "Good for work", it has the legal value of a contract. It is therefore not possible to return to it, except to find an amicable agreement with the company, for example by abandoning the down payment or challenging its validity because it does not contain all the regulatory and legal information.

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