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For some time now, wood has been coming into the bathroom; this room with a reputation for dampness is even adorned with parquet flooring. What make us dream!

Can we put parquet in a bathroom?

Can we put parquet in a bathroom?

To choose the type of parquet for a bathroom

The bathroom is probably the most humid room in the house. This is why we do not usually use wood and even less parquet. However, if it is correctly chosen and placed, the floor has its place in this room. There are two main groups of wood species for the parquet: exotic woods, naturally resistant to moisture, and European woods, which become so after a specific treatment.

Exotic woods:

  • bamboo
  • teak
  • kempass
  • iroko
  • the muteny√©
  • the doussie
  • wenge
  • the merbau
  • the jatoba
  • the moabi
  • ipe
  • Padouk

European woods:

  • acacia
  • ash
  • the beech
  • the maritime pine
  • the poplar
  • spruce

Parquet in the bathroom: installation step

After the (good) choice of the wood, it is necessary to realize the installation of the parquet proper.

Before laying

The floor of the bathroom should be flat, smooth, dry and hard. This seems obvious but it may be interesting to check because once the installation of the parquet began, you may have nasty surprises. In some cases, we can opt for an insulating sub-layer (ISO 9dB type) to reinforce the impermeability of the parquet.

How to perform the pose?

The parquet consists of multiple strips of wood that must imperatively be waterproof, otherwise it will curl. That's why the only way to put parquet in a bathroom is to stick: it is the technique of laying "simply glued". A polyurethane glue is used. This technique makes it possible to limit the impact of temperature variations in the bathroom as well as the humidity level of the air. The joints between the wood slats can be reinforced with "boat deck" joints (polyurethane putty)

The maintenance of the parquet of bathroom

To ensure the longevity of the floor in the bathroom, maintenance is essential. Here are some tips to keep your bathroom floor in good shape for a long time:

  • install a good ventilation system in the bathroom
  • quickly clean all splashing and splashing water with a damp sponge
  • dust off the floor regularly
  • avoid leaching

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