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I am about to put travertine on the ground floor of my house on a surface of 70 m2. I will put the travertine on an existing tile which is in very good condition (the house dates from the end of 2008) and is satin (basic tiles). The store Castorama advised me and sold ParexLanko Extra comfort glue, the seller assured me that I could do without primer. What do you think? for my part I would prefer to go through the primary stage of attachment to have "belt and suspenders". Also, I read on forums that water repellent treatment must happen before joints. You confirm? Do you have a reference for a good product?

Travertine on a tile in good condition is possible. As you point out yourself, apply a primer provides additional security. The water repellent must be applied before the joints, which facilitates the cleaning of the joints and avoids whitish rings on the travertine. The glue that you have been advised is a good product.

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