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Can thin insulation be added to existing insulation?

I bought a house there is now 6 months, I renovate as and when. I have attic already developed and checking the condition of the insulation, I have 10cm insulation that looks very old. I wish to change this insulation and have better insulation. I plan to replace the rock wool or glass and complete with another thin insulation because I would like to keep some space. My question is in what order in relation to the tile, should I first start with the glass wool and then put the insulation thin and place it or vice versa. By the way, I have a system of vmc natural in my house, I leave like that or I take advantage of it to put a mechanical vmc and suddenly I do not know if I put simple or double flow Thank you for your reply Kind regards

The French technical authorities (CSTB) do not recognize thin reflective products as insulators in their own right, but only as "insulation complements". They can be associated with a fibrous insulation, cover side in a version permeable to water vapor, worth under-roof screen; internal side in waterproof version to participate in the airtightness of the envelope and provide a barrier to the radiation of the heaters. Some have called this a "global isolation".
To improve the attic insulation, while avoiding to reduce the available height too much, you can turn to the polyurethane foam, which is the most efficient insulation at given thickness. Panels of reduced thickness can replace the existing insulators, or complement them, inside the attic, keeping in place the existing insulation and ceiling.

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