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A company proposes to project Isolene 4 over the 2 layers of glass wool currently placed on the concrete floor of my attic. 1) Do I have to ask for mandatory installation of baffles (wooden planks I suppose) at the base of the tile roof in accordance with CSTB Technical Notice 20 / 07-117? 2) Is this projected glass wool product made to fit on the vapor barrier of the current glass wool? 3) Is there a product and which, to stabilize this Isolene 4 once laid?

In principle, loose insulation is not blown onto existing woolen roll insulation. It is recommended to deposit it to avoid differences in insulation densities and thermal bridges.

I can not recommend too much to take the advice of another company...

1) The installation of baffles is necessary if a low ventilation of the cover exists, they will then be posed to avoid the displacement of the wool.

2) It is strange that two crossed layers of glass wool are not enough for your insulation. Another thing bothers me: the vapor barrier must always be installed below, ie heated side, on the ground, I do not see how the new insulation could be placed on it...

3) Isolene 4 is subjected to a water repellent, antistatic and cohesive treatment: no need to stabilize this insulation after blowing.

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