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You can build your house on sloping ground, but the work will be more complex and the cost of construction will be higher. Incorrectly built foundations or risks not taken into account can have serious consequences!

Can we build on a slope?

Can we build on a slope?

Building on a slope: complications

Building your home on a sloping ground can involve several risks: cracks, sliding foundations... We must take all necessary steps to build solid foundations. The foundations will be semi-deep or deep. They must have the same embedding.

Building on sloping ground can significantly increase the cost of construction. Indeed, works can be added: earthworks, backfilling, crawlspace, etc. Sloping terrain may also be more difficult to access, which makes maneuvering difficult.

What solutions are suitable for construction on sloping ground?

It is possible to build a house on a slope, but it will be necessary to choose a suitable technical solution. There are different possibilities:

  • elevate construction by opting for a house on stilts. This technique easily adapts to different types of sloping terrain.
  • "Marry" the slope by realizing different levels to respect the natural slope of the ground. This is an advantageous solution in terms of aesthetics and thermal insulation of the house, in particular.
  • iron out field. This represents quite heavy work, with the construction of embankment walls, etc.

Each technique has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of cost and complexity of construction.

The chosen construction technique can have impacts on the visual appearance of your home, which will integrate more or less well with the environment. You will have to consult the local urban plan to check what is authorized or not by the community. Inquire at the town hall.

Video Instruction: How to build on a steep slope