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Do you have plans for a new kitchen? A visit to a kitchen or a fair-show, a crush, and here is a signed order form! Then comes the time for reflection and you already regret this commitment for different reasons. Is there an appeal? Will you have to go after this commitment? Answers below...

Can we cancel the order form of a kitchen?

Can we cancel the order form of a kitchen?

Cancel the order form for a kitchen: in which cases is it possible?

In most cases, when the purchase order is signed, it is a firm and final commitment. However, some situations allow a retraction.

  • In the case where the sale has been made through a direct seller at home or on the internet. A fourteen day revocation period has been provided for by the Hamon law since 2014.
  • In case you request a ready for consumption to finance your kitchen. Again, a right of withdrawal is possible in case of refusal of the loan.
  • If the measurement of the kitchen was not performed by the professional. The quantity is obligatory.
  • In the case, finally, where the purchase order does not fully comply with kitchen quote previously established.

The seller always has the obligation to inform his customers about the terms of withdrawal and the conditions to cancel the order form of a kitchen.

How to cancel a purchase order?

In the case of a home sale or via the internet, a withdrawal form must be attached to the order form. The seller, on the other hand, has the obligation to inform the buyer of his rights and obligations. If you wish to cancel your order, you must fill out this form and return it to the seller by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, before the date of expiry of the withdrawal period.

It goes without saying that you will have to return the products already at your disposal. As for the seller he must refund you within fourteen days the entire deposit paid.

Our advices…

Before signing a purchase order for thebuying a kitchenyou must take the time to prepare your appointment at the kitchen and seriously study your project:

  • evaluate your real needs
  • study the feasibility of your project according to the space you have available
  • accurately establish your budget.

Keep in mind that going back on your commitment will not be easy, if not impossible. This is the case when buying in the store, no appeal is unfortunately possible. Only an amicable arrangement with the seller will be possible.

Video Instruction: order and cancel event