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We have built by a manufacturer or it turns out that the terrace (on crawl space) and the garage (raft) have large cracks. The builder explained to me that it comes from the "withdrawal", too fast drying of the concrete because it was hot the day of the casting. I asked for a repair because aesthetically it is not terrible. He offers me a screed. Is it enough (car passage ds garage) and is it compatible with a future tiled terrace?

We must be sure that these cracks do not have structural origins. If they are really thin (only 1 or 2 mm), it can actually be a concern too fast drying in hot weather of a concrete. A simple leveling that will be enough to support a tiling. but beware: this tile being glued, we will tell you therefore, in case of cracking, that it is only aesthetic and therefore not covered by the decadal, especially since it has been glued and unsealed.
This being the case, if your house is less than a year old, use the guarantee of perfect completion and ask the manufacturer to redo these elements in accordance with the "rules of the art". Pouring concrete when it was too hot is his responsibility. He must accept his mistakes...

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