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The wooden windows of a house have been replaced by PVC models and shutters, by aluminum shutters. The architect of the buildings of France opposes these changes of joinery and imposes to put shutters and windows in painted wood, because the lodging is located at 420 meters of a historical monument. But in the same street, other neighbors made the same changes without any problem. Why? What are the possible remedies?

In view of the facts you describe, it appears that you are located in the perimeter of protection of a listed building (Malraux law). Any intervention that modifies the appearance of a facade (whether in a protection perimeter or elsewhere) therefore requires, depending on the case, a application for work authorization be a submission of a building permit.
If the architect of the buildings of France (ABF) contests the work done, it is that this procedure was not respected or that the work was carried out despite a negative opinion on his part.
That being so, we may wonder why other buildings in the same perimeter are equipped with PVC shutters. The most likely explanation is that these older developments were made under the control of another, more lax or more accommodating ABF. On the other hand, if you can show that it was the current architect who let PVC joinery work some time ago, you have a strong argument to make.
If the ABF forces you to remove the PVC elements, you still have the judicial way to try to show that there is "double standards".
In addition, it is important to remember that the urban planning administrative services can not prohibit a material for the replacement of windows or shutters and can only obligate to respect an aspect.

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