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We have problems of water infiltration from the terrace above. Water flows in our room during the rain and immediately after. The neighbor above does not want to work at home... Is it possible to isolate our ceiling from the inside?

It is impossible to consider sealing a terrace by the ceiling of the room below it. Waterproofing is always done from above.

You do not specify if you own the dwelling or tenant of your home. tell him about the SRU law and its obligation to rent a "decent" home...

In a condominium, this kind of repair normally goes through the trustee. Do not hesitate to contact him to have this work done as soon as possible. If you are a tenant, it is up to your owner or his representative (manager) to turn around.

In both cases, make a declaration of water damage. The insurance will commit an expert who will determine the responsibilities. He will be able to judge the situation and legally initiate a procedure to repair this terrace.

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