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How to disassemble a part of chimney flume double earthenware? It starts from the ground to the roof through a concrete slab and wooden top floor. How to remove the bottom knowing that the conduit passes in a concrete slab? How to know if all bushels passing by a slab are held by this one? Can we remove what is below the slab?

Unless it is embedded in the masonry of the wall (which sometimes happens in older multi-family buildings), a chimney flue made of terracotta bushels (like hollow concrete) is a stack of elements that make up a whole. base is at its lowest level, even though the passage of a concrete slab may provide some support. To dismantle the lower part of the duct it would be necessary to cut at the level of the floor slab by temporarily supporting the upper part of the ductand then casting a new foundation on which he could rest. It is a delicate operation that I advise you to entrust to a professional, especially if you intend to use the upper part of the duct later

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