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I live bordeaux and I will build a house; I would like a system that makes heating + air conditioning in summer with more a tax credit. Is it possible?

You can of course opt for a reversible air conditioning, good solution in a region like yours where the winters are mild and summers chaunds. It is an air / air heat pump, which produces hot in winter, and cold in summer. The system consists of one or more outdoor units, simple to install, and indoor units, to position on the wall or floor.
However, these processes no longer benefit from tax credits.
An alternative is to install an air / water heat pump supplying underfloor heating, with a cooling function. This option allows to lower the soil temperature up to 14° C, which may be sufficient to obtain acceptable summer comfort in Bordeaux. In addition, during heating, this technique provides a higher comfort than the forced air of an air / air heat pump. Since 1 September 2014, the air / water CAP benefits from a 30% tax credit on equipment. Be careful, however, that the installer does not take advantage of the tax credit to increase its rates! It must also be EGR.

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