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For a house around Albi of 150 m2 of 6 rooms, is it advisable to install a reversible air conditioning, knowing that air conditioning is desired for the summer? Is this heating means sufficient or should additional electric radiators be added?

It is perfectly possible to provide heating and air conditioning with reversible air conditioning, which is actually a air / air heat pump. This solution must obviously comply with the requirements of the thermal study.

This type of equipment is well suited to the region of Albi, which has hot springs and summers, as well as relatively mild winters.

However, two constraints must be taken into account:
- this mode of heating which works by the principle of the pulsed air which is not appreciated by everybody;
a heat pump is a relatively complex system, which generally requires a higher maintenance cost than that of a conventional boiler, a stove or an insert. Hence the importance of retaining a known brand that has a sufficiently dense network of installers and convenience stores, and a sufficient stock of parts.

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