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Owner of a Phoenix home and anxious to save energy because electric heating, I want to isolate the air gap (draft) between the outer concrete slabs and plasterboard partitions. The air gap opens into the valleys. I redid the insulation of the combes (35 cm of rockwool) and clogged the top of the air gap but drafts remain. Can I breathe something into this void of construction and if so, what type?

Even old, a Phoenix house has some insulation at the walls, between concrete slabs and interior siding. In theory it is perfectly possible to inject insulators in bulk in the existing vacuum, provided that this insufflation can be sufficiently homogeneous, which is not always obvious. Cellulose wadding or polystyrene beads are among the insulating materials that can be used in this case. Keep in mind, however, that the available space is small (4 to 6 cm in general), which means that the insulation gain will be too. Opt instead for a reported insulation, external or internal, by caulking this vacuum to avoid drafts.

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