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Can we intervene upstream of the branch circuit breaker?

I just moved into a house where I increased the power of the EDF meter because instead of a huge boiler fuel oil I had a CAP pretty big so a fairly high power. The EDF guy asked me to install after the EDF meter (which makes sense) a 30-60 A 30mA differential circuit breaker in three-phase (I am in three-phase home and some organs work precisely sorting). So I installed this breaker, at least changed the old one that did not have enough power. On the other hand, above the new differential circuit breaker - that is to say between the EDF meter and my circuit breaker - already existed what I suppose to be a simple circuit breaker because there are 3 fuses 40 amp in it (it is a model of Cro -Magnon) + a neutral, nothing else. So here is my question: what exactly is this breaker for me? In my opinion nothing and I can kick it because I already have a differential circuit breaker. I add that these 2 circuit breakers are placed in series. Can someone enlighten my poor lantern (if I was clear enough...)?

At the sight of the photo and technical explanations, it seems indeed that this disjonteur is no longer of any use, the new differential circuit breaker ensuring the necessary functions. But the connection of the circuit breaker of 500 mA is the responsibility of ERDF... So you can not touch anything that is between the meter and the circuit breaker. It is also surprising, in view of your photo, that the access cover to the input terminals of the circuit breaker are not leaded...

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