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I wish to coat my shower with cement is to embed in pebbles, an idea found in a magazine decor. The problem is that my shower tray is ceramic, how to make the cement adheres to it, and that my shower is waterproof. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

In general, I am not favored pebbles in a bathroom or shower. Very "trendy", this way of doing things seems to me, certainly "deco", but totally archaic, pebbles being slippery, difficult to clean and doing... sore feet.

Technically, it would be better if you removed the existing tank and replaced it with a "tiling" tank (Wedi type): you will replace the tiles with netting rollers.

If still you want to try to keep your tray here is an idea: the coat with a coating with high adhesion (TOUPRET has a coating intended to cover the tiles that may be suitable), let dry, then put the pebbles on net. There will be no sealing problem since they have been glued on a waterproof tank. That being the case, I do not guarantee the result...

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