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I'm going to build a new house and I'm thinking of buying my external frames on a website What do you think of this type of reseller? Are they trustworthy and sell good equipment?

It is always best to contact a known craftsman in your area. He will be able to show you samples of his products and even take you to these sites to see the result. If he does the laying and you do a bunch of work you may be entitled to a tax credit. In case of concern, you will benefit from the necessary guarantees provided by this company.
Also think of the shipping costs that can quickly push up the bill as part of a purchase by mail order.

The outer frames constitute a structural equipment of the house which engages its "destination", that is to say the possibility of living it without troubles or problems. This is what ranks them among the elements of the ten-year guarantee, which is covered by the property damage insurance. I can not advise you too much to acquire them and have them put by a professional licensed to provide you the ten-year guarantee.

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