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How to replace a wall fabric on fleece without losing sound and heat insulation? Is it possible to put thin plasterboard plasterboard in order to paint on it? What problems could we encounter?

A mual fabric is usually not very difficult to remove. It is in most cases stapled on sticks to be angled or glued to the periphery. Just tear it off. It is useless to keep it for reasons of thermal insulation. It is not a few millimeters of fleece that can provide a quantifiable thermal insulation.
On the other hand, a wall fabric placed on fleece can make an acoustic correction, avoiding the reverberation of the sound. But it is not effective in terms of sound insulation, that is to say noise transmission.
To summarize, if you want to remove this wall fabric, do not make "misery cache", and leave on a healthy basis. Lay the wall fabric, and make a conventional plasterboard doubling, possibly acoustic, directly glued to the wall or frame (with interposition of a layer of fibrous insulation).

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