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The sink being away from the electric balloon, to have hot water, we must open the tap and wait for the cold water of the pipe to flow. Is it possible (and more profitable) to install near the sink a second water heater (small or not, instantaneous or not) to heat the cold water, knowing that then it would receive hot water? So the following question also arises: Can an electric water heater receive hot water, even very hot? Will that not spoil it?

It is not possible to supply a water heater with hot water, which would not be of interest in the described configuration. On the other hand, it is quite possible toinstall an instantaneous water heater in a bathroom away from the main source of hot water supply. We condemn in this case the original diet. The only problem is the power required for the instant water heater. If it is to be important (because it has to feed a bathtub, for example), the installation will impose a specialized line of high power, to the drivers of big section. It may follow the need for a higher subscription, so more expensive. In terms of consumption, an instant electric water heater has the advantage of heating only the amount of water that is needed.

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