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The attics lost from my house built in 1978 were insulated by a layer of glass wool unrolled between the "American" farmhouses, the insulation was not compacted and filled with dust, moreover it seems that it is not that it is not well joined everywhere and there are some gaps at the bottom of the roof. the companies consulted offer me 35 cm of mineral wool to project (Knauf Supafil 045). Difference: the first recommends blowing over the initial glass wool, the second to remove beforehand (700 euros extra cost) What do you recommend?

We can keep the insulation in place, from the moment it is in a good state of conservation, ie free of moisture, free of rodent traces, etc.
In the present case, the fact that this insulation is dusty and has shortcomings does not make it necessary to deposit it. My preference, however, always goes toestablishment of a homogeneous layer of new product

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