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I am going to put cellulose wadding on 130m ² but in the attic lost and without direct access, except to discover on 2 m ². There is mineral wool (certainly glass or rock because (well) laid 30 years ago.I know you recommend to take out the old one, but in this case it would be necessary to discover everything because the maximum height, the highest under roof, must be 60cm.What do you advise me?

As I say regularly, it is ideally, better to leave on a completely new base. Nevertheless, a old insulation can be kept, if it appears in good condition, if it is not disturbed by rodentsif it does not show traces of moisture, from moldetc. In any case, if you can not do anything other than keep the original insulation, it is better to make a complement of insulation of the same nature as the former, in other words, in your case, mineral wool. You would have no interest in putting a plant insulation (more expensive) on a mineral insulation.

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