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It is possible to put parquet on carpet, but everything depends on the type of carpet as well as the type of parquet.

Floating parquet flooring can be laid on carpet

Floating parquet and laminate flooring can be used on all types of surfaces.

The carpet can even be a insulating underlay before laying your parquet (sound and heat insulation), which is a significant advantage. On the other hand, laying floating floors is a simple way to radically change the look of your room.

On the other hand, solid wood flooring can not be laid on carpet. The traditional installation of the parquet consists of fixing the floorboards on joists, themselves nailed to the ground. If you want to install solid parquet, it will first take off the carpet.

You can put parquet on a carpet with short hair

For a good stability of the parquet, it is better that the carpet is not very thick and short-haired. It will be quite easy to clean, and the floor will be sufficiently regular for the installation of parquet.

If your carpet is long-haired or curly, it must be removed before laying the floor.

How to put parquet on carpet?

In order to prepare the floor before laying the floor, vacuum the carpet well. The carpet must be perfectly clean before starting the parquet. Then, place the floating floor in all the required steps:

  • Lay the first blade against the wall with wedges,
  • Laying the blades in offset from one row to the other (start the second row using the surplus from the previous row),
  • Blade assembly by clip or glue, depending on the floor you have chosen,
  • Etc.

-> How to install floating floors?

The two conditions for laying parquet on carpet are as follows: a clean carpet and well aspirated, and a floating installation of the floor (without glue on the ground). Laying parquet on carpet is a good solution for a renovation.

Video Instruction: How to Install a Wood Floor on top of Carpet