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Whether renovating or changing the floor of a room in the house or home stagging, it is quite possible to put parquet on tiled floors. The important thing for a successful installation is that the floor is clean and smooth. Tiling is a good candidate!

Can we put parquet on tiles?

Can we put parquet on tiles?

Prepare the tiles before laying parquet

The choice of laminate flooring facilitates the installation that can be done by yourself. A solid floor or laminated will be more difficult to ask, it is then advisable to go through a company of laying parquet.

The first step is to prepare the necessary equipment for installation:

  • parquet boards
  • an underlayer
  • parquet glue
  • spacers
  • various small tools: a cutter, a square of carpenter, a pencil, a mallet, a broom

The tiles must be smooth to lay the floor. We begin by degreasing the coating so that it is clean and dry. Moisture must be kept to a minimum during the preparation and laying of the parquet. Using a broom does not wash the tiles with water.

Then, check that the tiles are flat and have no bumps or hollow areas. If this is not the case, make a patch with a smoothing compound. This makes it possible to equalize the ground levels.

By placing the floor on the tiles, the floor will be higher. It is necessary to dismount the doors of the room in order to re-cut them (after the installation of the floor) for the new height of ground. In addition, they will not interfere with your movements during installation.

Laying parquet on tiled floor

Before the installation of the parquet itself, one installs an underlayment of attachment directly on the tiling. It is in the form of a roll or plates. The advantage of the underlayment is that it also provides sound and thermal insulation of the soil. The roll is unrolled widely leaving the underlayer at the edges.

We begin the installation of the parquet by the wall the right, this gives a good benchmark for further operations. The holds are placed all along the room between the wall and the floorboard. This space will be used to lay skirting boards, after the floor.

In the case of laminate flooring, the blades fit into each other: the mallet is used to secure them. You have to work row by row for more efficiency. When the installation is finished, we can remove the wedges and put the skirting boards directly.

Particular case: in the case of a solid parquet, the installation is carried out directly on the tiling after a simple degreasing of the soil. By applying a quality glue (type STP850) to the spatula (not the spray gun), there is no need for a bonding underlayer. On the other hand, the drying time of the glue is at least 24 hours.