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We are going to change our old zinc gutters ourselves. The welding machine is expensive, we saw that it was possible to stick the zinc. Will this "soldering" glue be durable and watertight over time? If so, what type of glue should I use? Thank you in advance for your answer. cordially

We can actually glue zinc guttersthere are number of silicone sealants for this purpose.
Nevertheless, zinc is first designed to be "soldered" to tin. It is likely that thecollage assembly will lead to some disappointments in the long term. There are soldering iron heads of roofer for less than 100 €, which is not excessive, solder remaining the best solutions for assemble gutters.
If welding is a problem, why not steer PVC gutters? PVC has made great progress in terms of durability, and several manufacturers offer relatively elegant profiles, as well as discreet fasteners. In this case, the collage is perfectly coherent.
In a general way, the respect of the rules of the art contributes to the maintenance in time of the realized works.

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