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Waiting to completely redo my cracked tiled terrace, I would like to use a sealant to ask on the existing tile, what do you propose to me? can I do it myself? How long can I postpone the total refurbishment? Thank you

A tiled and cracked terrace is not easily repairable, especially if it is built over a habitable room, the cracking being likely to favor entries of water in the habitable part. If the terrace is built on solid ground, the problem is only aesthetic.
In both cases, the best solution to remember is a removal of tiles, the repair of the watertightness, the pouring a screed and the installation of a new coating (tiling or other).
It does, however, tile waterproofing solutions. It consists of applying a bonding primer before laying an elastic two-component liquid membrane, then a fiberglass reinforcement mesh and then a coating. There are also transparent sealing resins.

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