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You are tempted by a corner of lawn very green and very thick that would grow quickly. But you do not want to move the earth and besides your land is very poor and in the shade. And then, on this piece of slab made of nasty cement like everything, grass, it would be nice... You dream? Canadian turf did it!

Canadian turf

Canadian turf

What is Canadian turf?

Coming from North America, Canadian turf is a new concept of sod planting. It is in fact the same principle as that of the "patches" which serve to replenish a zone completely denuded of lawn.
In the package you find mixed grass seeds, a fertilizer and a growing medium, vermiculite.
Just the sow on the fly and to water. Without soil preparation, turf that grows quickly will smother the weeds. The vermiculite and the fertilizer present with the seeds will help the fast germination and the growth of the grass. In much less time than for conventional seeding, you can have a green and thick lawn.

The composition of Canadian turf

Canadian turf is a mixture of different elements:

  • 50% grass seeds:
  • 20% creeping red fescue that gives a relatively fine turf and stays green in summer.
  • 20% of Ray grass, a grass that sprouts and grows quickly. It has, moreover an excellent resistance to trampling and it supports well the winter.
  • 10% of bluegrass, which tolerates the heat and especially the cold. It is also very resistant to trampling.
  • 10% fertilizer: An organic mixture of the NPK 4-10-4 type, for 4% nitrogen, 10% phosphorus and 4% potassium.
  • 40% vermiculite: Vermiculite is a rock with a clay structure arranged in layers. It offers a great capacity for cation exchange, that is to say the ability to store and redistribute mineral elements. It also has the ability to regulate humidity. Insulating, it protects the roots from temperature differences. All of its qualities make it an ideal growing medium for grasses on Canadian turf.

The advantages of Canadian turf

Because of the choice of grasses, it is a fast-growing lawn and who has a good resistance to tearing and trampling. It adapts to the sun as in the shade.
Thanks to the vermiculite that serves as a growing medium, it adapts to all soils including concrete! It allows him to resist both heat and cold. It can grow to almost any season.
But beware, all the same, Canadian turf is a turf for a temperate climate.

The disadvantages of Canadian turf

High temperatures can damage it. Normally, when the rain returns, it turns green again.
It can also be attacked by diseases, especially pythium rot.
As for all seedlings, there may be a "quack" and sometimes what grows is much less beautiful than in the photo...

The price of Canadian turf

Prices, according to suppliers, range from 20 to 30 € for 1.5 kg.
With this amount you will be able to get about 45 m² of a bushy grass or you can replenish 90 m² of a sparse lawn.

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