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A glass can separate a room without losing natural light

Whether in the new or renovation, the design of a canopy brings a touch of industrial deco interiors. The choice of dimensions and the type of canopy must be purely reflected so that the result is perfect. Explanations.

A glass roof for which room

To choose the perfect canopy, you must first identify the needs according to the destination of the room. If the natural light and the feeling of depth are common criteria, the constraints of a room, a kitchen, a release or an office are totally different. A canopy is usually placed on a visible section of wall give an industrial style to places.

  • For a room, the idea of ​​the glass partition is summed up with the provision of natural light the day without being disturbed in the early morning. In this case, the canopy will be more like a window, fixed frame type, integrated into a partition wall.
  • For a kitchen, the glass partition is ideal to benefit from a closed kitchen, but communicating with the living room and the dining room. It can be any height with a coordinated base and integrate a swing door or sliding the same bill.
  • For an office, an entrance... the separation with the living rooms or partition a release, everything is imaginable... The above principles are transposable in all interiors...

To each his style of canopy

Contrary to popular belief, a canopy offers an industrial decor decoration, but comes in several types! The choice can be made on a workshop canopy, artist's canopy or "loft" canopy. The most common, ideal for integration into a partition, is the workshop canopy with its glass parts that run the full height of the frame. For the creation of an all-height glazed partition, the choice of a canopy of artists with its transom (upper part marked by a cross) is clever especially for high ceiling rooms. It allows to "break" the impression of height and enjoy a glass roof of ideal proportions. As for the glass loft style, it is distinguished by its succession of small tiles widespread in the old factories.

The choice of a quality canopy

Make the choice of quality manufacturing

Make the choice of quality manufacturing

The manufacture of a metal canopy may seem simple, but reveals some subtleties that only a specialist masters. Choice of section profiles in relation to dimensions and final appearance, perfect welds, high-strength paints, clipped glazing beads for easy glazing change are all manufacturing details that only a professional can anticipate. Glass specialist VerriereFactory is the ideal partner for glass roof projects, regardless of size and type. Different structures, measurements, types of doors and windows, methods of implementation, his site is full of tips and tricks for a successful project.

The imperative of a custom-made canopy

Since no interior resembles another, the adjustment of a canopy to the proportions of a room is obligatory and rarely possible with a structure whose dimensions have not been chosen! To be certain of his choice, the use of the configurator proposed by Verrière Factory is an excellent solution. After having measured the dimensions of the partition to be created or modified, this tool makes it possible to visualize the future canopy according to the desired dimensions, to choose the number of spans, the color of the structure, the type of glazing (clear or translucent) and the method of attachment. To meet specific needs (integration of a door, window...) the custom-made manufacture of a canopy is ideal. This solution makes it possible to image the most complex projects.

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