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For a heating stove to bring warmth and comfort throughout the house in the long term, no secret: it must be maintained regularly. Still need to know how to maintain it well...

Maintenance of a heating stove: sweeping, a necessity!

For our stove to work properly and safely, you have to go through the box " chimney sweeping ". And as for chimney sweeping, the sweeping of a stove must be done twice a year; a first time before the heating period, and a second time during.

Thus, it is ensured that the duct will be clean and cleaned over its entire length, and that no deposit of soot or bistre can come to ignite and cause a chimney fire. And yes, have your stove or chimney sweptit is above all a question of security.

For an optimal sweeping, we use a professional (Qualibat certified or with at least 3 years of experience), and is required to provide us with a chimney sweeping certificate. Because in case of incident with our stove, it is this paper that we will ask our insurance to verify that we are in good standing.

On this certificate, the professional will also note his observations on the installation (general condition, possible anomalies...). If we are satisfied, we are free to establish with him a contract for the maintenance of our heating stove.

Maintenance of a heating stove: the other must-haves

Sweeping is one thing. But the maintenance and upkeep of a heating stove is not limited to two annual sweeps. If we want to ensure long life to our stove, it is essential to also pay attention:

  • Ashtray. A well-maintained stove is a clean stove! So we go regularly empty the ashes and ashtray residues. Not only will our stove be cleaner, but it will make it easier to burn. And we do not throw the ashes!
  • To the heating body. That we will make sure to clean at least once a month.
  • At the window. Not easy to enjoy the spectacle of flames with a window dirty and blackened by previous fires. Ecological, economical and efficient cleaning: you wipe newspaper, soak it in ashes, then rub the glass. Radical against dirty windows, especially if you do it once a week: the glass will be easier to clean! Note: we wait until the glass is cold to clean.
  • At the joint. A seal not waterproof, it is a stove that will get dirty and damage faster. Little trick to make sure the seal is tight: we put a sheet of paper at the joint, we close the door, and we try to remove the sheet. If the sheet is unstuck easily, it's time to change the seal!
  • Inside the stove. Between the stove and the fireplace, there is an area where air circulates and should be cleaned once a year with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Wood used. To prevent the stove and the duct from becoming dirty unnecessarily, we do not put in our stove softwoods (pine, fir, spruce...), reclaimed wood (chipboard, plywood...), and wet wood. So before lighting a fire, we check that we know the wood to use for a stove. surgery

If we follow all these recommendations correctly, we will be able to enjoy our stove longer, and in complete safety!

Video Instruction: Cleaning & Maintaining Your Wood Stove