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The woven carpet is a traditional carpet. Particularly luxurious, it can be woven according to different techniques that each have their specificities.

What is a woven carpet?

A woven carpet is made on a loom, like a carpet. The velvet and the back of the carpet (its back) are therefore manufactured simultaneously. There are many weaving methods for woven carpets: Wilton weaving, Jacquard weaving, two-piece weaving, Axminster weaving... These different weaving methods make it possible to create many sets of structures and patterns for woven carpets.

The weaving is particularly used for the fwool velvet, but it is also possible to use synthetic fibers. The woven carpet is therefore a particularly versatile carpet.

The woven carpet has many advantagesit is dense, comfortable and supple. It is particularly renowned for its solidity and its life span. Its price varies according to the quality of the production and the materials used. It must nevertheless count 40 € per m2 as starting price.

Clean your woven carpet

To clean your woven carpet, vacuum regularly. This one removes the dust deep and reinflates the fibers of your carpet. However, be careful if your vacuum cleaner has rotating brushes: these can sometimes cause a winding of textile fibers.

If vacuuming is not enough to clean your woven carpet, you can also deep cleaning using a special powder for carpets. Spread the cleaning powder with a broom, then leave it on. Then vacuum your carpet will be like new!

Finally, once a year, thoroughly clean your carpet. For this you can proceed to a injection-extraction cleaning: a detergent is applied under pressure on your carpet, before being sucked. The carpet is then rinsed.

You can use a cleaning company to thoroughly clean your carpet, ensuring you get the best results.

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