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If you wish to be able to shelter 2 cars or benefit from an adjoining space such as a shed or workshop, you can turn to a double carport. The latter requires a large space, but you will have the choice between different characteristics.

Double carport for 2 cars

Double carport for 2 cars

The characteristics of the double carport

The double carport is a carport type that can house 2 cars simultaneously, either one behind the other or side by side. It is therefore a large carport which can be leaned or freestanding and whose dimensions are generally as follows:

  • The width is 3.5 to 4 meters for a double carport whose cars park one behind the other.
  • When it comes to a carport 2 cars that can shelter them next to each other, the width is then 7 to 8 meters.
  • The length varies from 7.5 to 16 meters according to the configuration of the carport.
  • The height is 2 to 3 meters.

The large carport can be composed of different materials: wood, aluminum, steel, metal or even PVC, and its roof can be flat, inclined, triangular or domed.

The installation and location of a carport 2 cars

The double carport is a large carport that requires sufficient space in your garden, so it is reserved for large fields.

If you want your carport to occupy a space as small as possible, it is advisable to opt for a double carport backed. You can expect to access it directly from your home, but consider that it will be particularly visible. If your land allows you, you can isolate your carport 2 cars in a corner of your garden, provided that the configuration of the terrain allows it.

Finally, be aware that the location of your carport 2 cars will also depend on the presence or absence of a integrated shed. Indeed, there are dual carports with discount, which allow you to store various garden equipment and accessories, or even your bikes. If you choose a double carport with workshop, you can also choose location depending on the proximity you want between your home and the workshop.

The price of a double carport

A double carport will obviously cost more than a simple carport, but you can opt for more or less expensive materials. The price of a double carport will oscillate between 900 and 5,000 € depending on the material chosen, but the price starts from € 1,200 for a carport with discount or integrated workshop.

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