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Among all types of carports, you can choose a carport backed. The latter has the distinction of being able to be fixed against a wall of your home, which gives it a number of advantages, but also some disadvantages to take into account.

The carport backed

The carport backed

The characteristics of a carport backed

The carport backed is a type of carport which, as its name suggests, is mounted on 2 pillars on one side, while the opposite side is thanks to a beam attached to a wall of your home. It is therefore abouta carport against a wall, which is installed in the extension of your home.

This carport can be composed of different materialsit can be composed of wood, metal, aluminum, as well as the roof can be flat as well as sloping. If you want to harmonize your carport backed with the materials of your home, you can also turn to a custom built carport, which will allow you to get a tiled roof like that of your home, and 'tune materials and colors.

The advantages of a carport backed

The carport backed has many advantages, especially in some cases:

  • Like all carports, the carport backed protects your car from external aggressions, namely bad weather, hail, animal droppings, etc., and limits the warming of the passenger compartment in summer.
  • This is the type of carport the more compact, the one whose size is the smallest. It is therefore particularly appropriate if you have a small space in your garden to install it.
  • It can easily be transformed in the future, especially in garden shed or in relaxation area, because of its immediate proximity to your home.
  • It may as well be a carport a place that two places, which allows you to adapt your choice according to the number of cars you want to park.
  • It is particularly accessible and even allows you to create an opening directly from your home, which will avoid you face the weather to regain your car in particular rainy weather.

The disadvantages of a carport backed

Despite its advantages, the attached carport also has some limitations that you must take into account. Among them, note that it is a rather visible carport since it is directly attached to your home, which can curb those who want a carport more isolated and more discreet. In addition, if you do not choose a carport whose materials are matched with those of your home, the rendering may be less aesthetic and the carport will be noticed all the more.

So be careful when choosing the location, the surface and the aesthetic characteristics of your carport backed, and do not hesitate to prefer a custom carport.

The price of a carport backed

The price of a carport backed will of course depend on its surface, its materials but also the methods of manufacture. For a wooden carport a kit square, you will have to count from 500 €, but this price can rise to more than 2 000 € for a 2-seater carport made to measure.

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