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For lack of space in the garage, your car stays outside in any weather? Do not hesitate, install a carport! Aesthetic and practical, it is not without reason that it has been a real success in recent years. It is not uncommon today, it is even directly integrated from the construction of a new house. If it does not replace a closed and secure garage, it is an economically advantageous alternative. Declined in many shapes and designs, the carport will fit without worry to the style of your home.

The carport or carport

The carport or carport

What is a carport?

The carport is a lightweight wooden or metal construction that protects your vehicle (s). It is mainly used to protect a car but it can also shelter a motorcycle, a scooter, a trailer or be adapted for a motorhome.

The main characteristic of the carport is to be an open structure. backed on a wall, it is open on 3 sides. freestanding, it is open on all 4 sides. It may be possible to adapt side walls or to provide a closed workshop area, but by definition it is an open construction.

To withstand all weather conditions, carport poles must be securely anchored to the ground.

All the advantages of having a carport at home

Less expensive than a garage, the carport is a versatile shelter. It will settle where a masonry construction would not find its place or would be prohibited.

Your car is an important investment that you take care of. Sheltering it under a carport makes it possible to preserve it from external aggressions: rain, snow, hail, frost, ultraviolet rays, bird droppings. And what a joy to escape the winter mornings to the chore of snow removal or scraping the windshield!
Because it is open and placed outside the home, the carport remains well ventilated. Your vehicle dries faster without bringing moisture into the house.

The carport protects your car while freeing up space in the garage creating additional storage space.
This functional shelter is also very versatile. Not only, it protects all kinds of vehicles but installed near the house, it can become a beautiful pergola that will keep you during the beautiful season of the sun. It can also house your outdoor spa.

The only drawback of the carport is its very design. It is an open structure and therefore insecure.

The different types of carport

Classic wood with a roof tile or contemporary aluminum and steel with a polycarbonate cover, leaning against your home or freestanding installed close to the road, you will find without problem the carport that suits your needs and that adapts to the style of your house.

The structure of a carport is either wood or metal:

  • The wooden carport. It is the one that requires the most maintenance since, although treated, the wood must be regularly protected against insects and fungi.

Carports at discount prices are made of spruce or fir. The high-end shelters are Douglas fir, a wood whose heart (the heartwood) is naturally resistant to attack. The laminated wood allows roundings and arches with a very contemporary design that renews the style of the wooden carport.

  • The metal carport. It is a bit more expensive than the wooden carport, but it requires fewer interviews.

Its design is also more contemporary with cradle or wave roofs and structures resting on 2 poles.
It is made of galvanized steel or aluminum or combines the qualities of both materials: lightness and robustness.

The carport can be either backed or freestanding:

  • The carport backed. On one side, he is leaning on a wall of your house. On the other, it is supported by several posts.

Depending on its structure (wood or metal), its roof right monopente can be in tiles, bituminous shingles (single), steel tray or aluminum tray. Its slightly curved roof is polycarbonate.

  • The freestanding carport. It installs independently of any wall since it rests entirely on posts (2 for a contemporary carport, 4 or more for a classic carport).

Just like the shelter, depending on its structure in wood or metal, its roof can be flat, monopente, double slope or cradle with a roof tiles, bituminous shingles (single), steel tray or aluminum tray, polycarbonate, stretched canvas.

How to choose your carport

Your carport must be adapted to template of your car (s). This is the first criterion for choosing the carport. Then it's a matter of budget, style, needs in place and your place of residence:

  • To get directly from the car to the house, install a carport next to the front door or service door.
  • For a discreet carport, choose a metal model with a flat roof.
  • For a contemporary look, install a self-supporting aluminum carport resting on 2 poles with a reclining cradle roof in polycarbonate or stretched canvas.
  • For a carport without maintenance (or almost) opt for the metal rather than the wood.
  • If you live in a rainy area or in the mountains, avoid the flat roof. Choose a steep roof to facilitate the evacuation of rainwater. And think that the roof must be able to support several centimeters of snow.
  • Do you need a large storage space? Take a double or triple carport or order a customized customizable model.
  • Your carport will be installed on the property line? To preserve your privacy, plan side walls.
  • You want a secure place to store a trailer, a garden tractor, bicycles, etc.? Choose a carport with a closed workshop.

When choosing a carport, do not neglect the aesthetic aspect even if your budget is tight. Opt for a carport kit. You will have to install it yourself and / or with the help of friends but you will save the cost of labor. A carport, even simple, well integrated in its environment is an added value for your home when you want to sell it. While a poorly adapted carport will be crippling...

Choose the location of your carport

The installation of a carport can only be done on flat and level ground.
Choose a location where you can easily maneuver from the driveway or access road to your carport. And do not forget that you will have to maneuver between the poles!

Even if it requires more work, the ideal is to sink a slab under your shelter. The posts will be anchored directly on it. Otherwise, you will have to install the concrete pads directly above each post. You will have to plan gravel. Avoid grass that will not grow or dirt.

If you have the opportunity to choose adequate exposure, the roof of your carport can receive solar panels. They will allow you to ensure its lighting or that of the garden. Similarly, this new roof surface can feed a rainwater collector.

Attention, the installation of a carport is subject to a regulation, inquire before making your purchase.

The budget needed to buy a carport

The cost of a carport goes from less than 500 €, for the first price in kit, to more than 9 000 €, for a carport personalized design and posed.
The price depends on the size, the materials used and the design. You must also count the manpower if you have it installed by a professional.

Did you know? The word carport is an anglicism. Purists may prefer its French equivalent: carport. The concept of the carport was invented by the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright (1867 - 1959) considered the greatest American architect in history.

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