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If you want a carport easy to install and your budget is limited, you can turn to a PVC carport. The latter can be in the form of a carport kit covered with a flexible PVC fabric, or a permanent carport rigid PVC.

The characteristics of a PVC carport

The PVC carport is the most atypical of all carports, since it is not a carport that can be both temporary and permanent. The PVC carport is therefore in the form of a generally steel frame whose pillars are more or less thick. But there are two types of PVC carports:

  • A carport kit whose structure is completely covered with a PVC fabric, but the canvas has a wide opening on one side of the structure, which facilitates the insertion of the car inside. So you end up with a covered carport on the roof and on 3 sides, the opening of the door can also be closed with clips and / or scratches, once your car is parked.
  • A PVC carport whose pillars are visible, since the PVC fabric, more rigid than the first, is fixed only on the roof. This type of PVC carport can not completely cover your car but simply shelter it like carports in wood, metal or aluminum.

You will find PVC carports of different colors: black, light gray or anthracite, dark green or even white.
Finally, be aware that some PVC carports can house a car while others can accommodate two simultaneously.

The benefits of PVC carport

The PVC carport has several advantages for many owners:

  • It houses your car in the same way as another carport. It is therefore less exposed to external aggressions such as snow, hail, frost, UV rays from the sun, leaves, bird droppings, etc.
  • This carport mounts, dismounts and moves with the greatest ease.
  • If you choose a kit carport, it can be a temporary car shelter, which is useful if you simply want to install it for a few days or weeks, waiting for example the construction a garage.
  • It is much less expensive than carports made of other materials and is therefore suitable for all budgets.

The limits of the PVC carport

Despite its advantages, the PVC carport is not without drawbacks that you must take into account:

  • The PVC carport kit is flexible, it is also more fragile, especially under the weight of snow, when falling hail, if an animal tries to break into the roof, etc.
  • It can not be installed in all areas and all seasons: if you live in an area exposed to high winds and heavy snowfall in winter, it is best not to opt for a PVC carport that will be damaged and which could even collapse quite quickly.
  • Insulation under a PVC carport is not always optimal. The PVC carports in kit will allow you not to have to scratch the frost in winter, but the heat in the cockpit will be important during the summer. As for open PVC carports, it is not impossible that the gel can form from time to time on the windshield.

The price of a PVC carport

The price of a PVC carport is more affordable than another carport, but prices vary greatly depending on the size, the closed or open character of the carport, the finishes, etc. As a general rule, you must rely on the following prices:

  • 300 to 1000 € for a carport in kit including a soft PVC canvas.
  • 1,500 to 4,000 € for a permanent carport including a rigid PVC canvas.

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