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If you want to combine the protection of your car and the production of electricity, know that you can turn to a solar photovoltaic carport. You will benefit from a free and inexhaustible source of energy, as well as a solid and beneficial installation for your car.

Solar Photovoltaic Carport

Solar Photovoltaic Carport

What is a solar photovoltaic carport?

Photovoltaic solar carport is a carport that comes in the form of a structure usually made of wood or aluminum powder coated, mounted on 4 to 8 pillars depending on the size, with a roof to house the car. But the difference with other types of carport is that it roof is covered with photovoltaic solar panels.

The roof of photovoltaic solar carports is therefore systematically flat, or gently sloping and the carport can accommodate one or two cars simultaneously. The solar panels produce electricity autonomously thanks to renewable energies, and you do not need to carry out additional works or developments on your home or in the garden.

The advantages of solar photovoltaic carport

The photovoltaic solar carport has many advantages that will convince you:

  • Like all carports, the photovoltaic solar car shelter is primarily designed to effectively protect your car from external aggressions: you will be able to forget the snowfall and hail, the UV rays of the sun, the frost, the bird droppings etc.
  • Photovoltaic solar panels can power the electrical circuit of your main home, which allows you to benefit all or part of an electricity produced thanks to free and inexhaustible energy produced independently.
  • If you have an electric car, the solar photovoltaic carport can be equipped with a charging station, which allows you to charge your vehicle with ease and free thanks to the solar energy of photovoltaic panels.

The price of a photovoltaic solar car shelter

A solar photovoltaic carport costs more than a conventional carport, because the equipment and the connection of the solar panels increase the cost. But this initial cost is easily amortized by the savings made by solar energy. You must count on average between 8,000 and 18,000 € for a photovoltaic solar carport, depending on the size and finishes.

Finally, be aware that the solar photovoltaic carport requires the intervention of a professional, especially if you wish connect the solar panels to the power supply from your main home. If you have no experience in this area, call a professional who can handle it. Note that sales signs usually offer the intervention of one of their technicians.

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