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If you want a custom carport that fits best in your environment and whose characteristics suit you in every way, you can opt for a custom carport. The latter will fully fulfill its function and can also integrate options and finishes adapted to your needs.

Choose a custom carport

The custom carport can be built in different ways. It can be a carport backed, a self-supporting carport, but also a carport associated with a cabanon or a discount: everything is allowed when it comes to a custom carport. Similarly, you can choose between different materials, Whether for the carport structure or roof: you can opt for a custom carport made of wood, steel, metal, or a custom carport in aluminum, and the roof can be made of the same material or of a different material such as tile, if you want to harmonize your carport with your house.

In short, everything is allowed with a tailor-made carport, up to the dimensions that will be designed according to your needs (park one or two cars) and finishes according to your tastes.

The advantages of a tailor-made carport

The advantages of a tailor-made carport are not lacking, since you benefit from a carport realized completely personalized, depending on your car (s), garden, home, etc. It is therefore a carport that wants to be aesthetic, practical and adapted to your habits, that you can also use as a garden shed, like pergola or like lounge if you wish, and you can associate with a shed or shed to store accessories or equipment you want.

Build the carport yourself or with a professional?

If you want to install a custom carport, two solutions are available to you: build it yourself or call a professional. But note that we can not improvise the plans and the assembly of a custom carport, which you will have to elaborate entirely from the beginning to the end. The editing can also be long and complicated when you are not used to it. That is why it is often useful to call on a professional who will plan your carport according to your instructions, who will respect your constraints and who will take care of mounting it as soon as possible. Think of ask for quotes to different professionals who can make different proposals, and compare the offers from the point of view of the tariff but also the experience and advice that you have been given.

Price of a custom carport

The price of the custom carport is the only drawback of this type of carport, since it obviously costs more than a standardized carport. So you have to count at least € 1,000 for a single carport, and up to € 7,000 for a carport that can accommodate two or more cars, and which would consist of a shed at one end.

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