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Do you want to house your car most of the year and enjoy a sheltered place in your garden? Turn around without hesitation to the wooden carport, an aesthetic carport that is easy to install and can be used as a garden shed on occasion.

Wooden carport

Wooden carport

The characteristics of a wooden carport

The wooden carport is an open carport that consists of a structure with planks, rafters and a cover.
There are different kinds of wooden carports:

  • The wooden carport backed, which is especially recommended if you have a small space in your garden to accommodate the carport. The planks support the frame on one side, and the other side is supported by a horizontal beam fixed on the wall of your home. This type of carport allows you to park only one car at a time.
  • The classic carport which is supported by several wooden feet. It can be installed in a garden that has sufficient space, because its size is important. It can cover a floor area of ​​15 to 30 m², which allows you to park one to two cars below.

Be aware that the height of the shelter must be greater than 2 meters, and that the slope of the carport may also be of different kinds: it may be a single slope, double slope, curved roof or half-timbered. Finally, the material of the cover of the carport can also vary, since you will find it in corrugated plate, in tile, slate or felt asphalt. Ideally, it is recommended to opt for a cover whose material will be in harmony with that of the house, the aesthetics will be preserved.

The benefits of a wooden carport

The wooden carport has many advantages that explain its success with the owners.

  • Like all carports, its main interest lies in the fact that it effectively protects your car against attacks of all kinds such as hail, rain, snow, UV rays of the sun, falling vegetation, dung birds, etc.
  • It is obviously one of the most aesthetic, since the wood remains a noble and warm material, which fits in all the gardens, whatever the style.
  • It prevents you from scratching the frost during the winter, because the wood is an insulating material and the temperature is higher under the shelter.
  • The carport can be installed on all types of floors, be it concrete, gravel, tile or other types of flooring. The main criterion is that the soil is stable.
  • It can have several functions, namely to accommodate a summer garden, spa or other.
  • It is easy to install and costs less than a garage.

The price of a wooden carport

The price of your wooden carport will depend on different criteria. First of all its size, since you can find wooden car shelters whose size varies: 2.80 X 5 meters on average for carports that can house a single car, about 3 X 10 meters for carports that can accommodate two cars one behind the other, and up to 5 X 6 meters for carports that can accommodate two cars next to each other. The materials that make up both the structure and the cover also result in a variation of the price, as well as the shape and the possible finishes. So you can count on the following prices:

  • From 500 to 3,000 € for a wooden carport of 15 m².
  • From 1,500 to 5,000 € for a wooden carport of 30 m².

Video Instruction: How to Build a Wooden Carport