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Caulking windows with molded silicone gasket

Over time, the wooden windows eventually let a lot of drafts between the opening and the frame, in other words the "sleeping frame". Woodwork and wear are responsible. Joints reported are not always enough. The realization of a molded seal silicone sealant is the ideal solution because it allows to restore a very good tightness to the window.

Making a molded seal consists of depositing a bead of silicone sealant specific in the rebate of the frame, then closing the window to mold the seal to the profile of the rabbet of the opening. A strip, called demoulding, separates the putty that has been deposited in the rabbet of the frame of the opening, so that the sealant does not stick to the two components of the window. In order for the sealant to adhere properly to the frame, the wood must be carefully cleaned and degreased before removing the sealant bead.

Caulking windows with molded silicone gasket

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